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We continually assess our clients’ business requirements, and how we can meet those ever-changing needs. Following are some examples of the areas our team specializes in. Personal service is what we promise and we look forward to working closely with you to help you meet your daily business challenges.

Our Quality Services

Superior design and personal attention to your needs

Every customer’s project is worked on by our experienced graphic designer assuring accuracy, quality of design, and proper set up for printing.

We operate on both Mac and Windows platforms to accommodate our various clients. We also use leading industry software from Adobe, Microsoft and other leading software manufacturers. Their versatility and wide variety of tools allow for a wide variety of design possibilities.

Full print and bindery service

Our offset presses are all manufactured by Heidelberg in Germany and are considered the “Rolls Royce” of printing presses. We have two presses with plans for a third, larger one to complete our printing bay.

Our bindery department is equipped with automated cutting and folding machines. Laminating, die-cutting, cerlox and coil binding are also offered, and are complimented by a range of hole-punching, round-cornering, stitching and padding equipment. No matter what type or size of product produced, our bindery department is quite capable of taking on any job.

Leading edge digital print technology

Digital printing, or Print-On-Demand, has changed the way many customers think about and plan their printing. Where it was once more economical to order print matter in large quantities, today’s digital printing procedures make print on demand (POD) a very affordable option.

Digital technology is ideally suited to small print runs of various documents when they’re needed. The introduction of UV-curable inks and large format media has allowed for the production of marketing pieces within a noticeably shorter time period than previous.

Website development for small business

We have added a new service which is every bit as important today for small business. Promoting your company and getting your name out there to prospective customers today involves much more than even ten years ago. With internet use being common for doing business, and social media now a standard method of communication, a presence on the internet is a must!

Our print on demand solutions boost your ability to compete in an ever changing marketplace, and to keep pace with your competitors.

We specialize in Print-On-Demand booklets, catalogs and manuals. Our On-Demand Workflow solutions enable you to produce books, marketing material, direct mail, manuals, newsletters and other jobs fast and efficiently. It boosts your ability to compete in an active market, enhance your customer relationships, while positioning your business to keep pace in a fast paced business world.

Today’s customers wanting an internet presence face a bewildering variety of website development companies. Costs can easily get out of reach for most small companies. To this end, we provide website development tailored to small business and public organizations. If you are unsure how to proceed, call us and have a chat with our web expert. It costs nothing until you decide.

Our Learning Corner

The articles, contained here, are designed to give a better understanding of terms you may have heard from time to time when speaking to your printing service. Those who wish to produce their own artwork (not recommended) should pay special attention to the article describing formats and colour profiles.

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